Our Origin

Russell Organics was established in 2009.

Our objective has always been to formulate skin care products of exceptional quality that are free-from the many toxins used in the beauty industry. We were a pioneer in the Clean Beauty movement that is widely embraced today.

We set out to create the world's finest skin care products with expert formulations, and prestige, natural solutions to modern-day beauty needs.  The result was a revolution in philosophy and technique that remains at the heart of Russell Organics -- Products formulated for our customer's needs, not to meet a retailer's price point or marketing objective.  It has required a constant and tireless search for the best natural ingredients, without resorting to gimmicky packaging or false product claims.

Searching the globe for the purest, most effective natural ingredients, we believe we have created splendid formulations of truly luxurious products for the face and body. By using specific, natural ingredients, we have been able to satisfy the needs of various skin types.

Our Philosophy

It has been so encouraging that our customers have embraced the Russell Organics philosophy of everyday indulgence. Every product we create is intended to intoxicate the senses and meet fundamental skin care and wellness needs. From the packaging to the product, we believe that our luxury standards and our dedication shows in every offering.

Russell Organics is a certified cruelty-free and certified vegan beauty brand. That means we never use any animal products, not even beeswax, and never test our products on animals.

Since inception, the Russell Organics brand has stood resolute against the common practice of testing products on innocent animals. This barbaric method has been common-practice for years by beauty companies wishing to be allowed in to certain international markets. At significant loss of market-share, Russell Organics has always refused to comply with animal testing for market entry. Our motto has always been Principles Before Profits.  

Our Vision

Russell Organics is proud to be a market leader in prestige, natural skin care. We invite you to join our journey in creating a cleaner, safer, and healthier lifestyle for the world. Today, we are distributed globally and are the leading skin care brand in our category. For that we are grateful and humbled. 

We thank you for your continued support.