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Why You Need to Know About This Dry Oil


Today we will talk about a truly remarkable beauty oil that may change the way you look at beauty products. Thinking about applying oil to your skin may seem counter-productive to having healthy skin. But one need look no further than the ingredient labels of cleansers, cremes, and serums, to see that almost every skin care product uses an oil as an ingredient. Botanical oils are quite common and you are likely already using them.

Our focus today is on an oil known as Squalane Oil. There is a lot of misinformation in the market about Squalane. Let's start with basic chemistry. There is a substance called Squalene. Squalene is very similar to the Squalene that the body produces on its own. As we age, our own Squalene production decreases and we start to notice fine lines and wrinkles appearing. By applying Squalene, it can actually add back the decreasing supply of the substance to the skin and visible results will appear. The problem though is that Squalene is very unstable as an ingredient. In fact, by the time it is bottled and distributed through retail channels, and then purchased and brought home, it will have likely begun to oxidize and degrade, losing its effectiveness. For that reason, Squalene is converted to an oil called Squalane. Squalane is the hydrogenated version of Squalene and is very stable as an ingredient. Squalane contains all of the same skin care benefits that Squalene does.

The other point to discuss with Squalane is that there are two sources of Squalene; one that is extracted from the liver of sharks, and the other from vegetal sources. In the case of Russell Organics Squalane Oil, it is extracted from Olives. As we are a Certified Vegan and Certified Cruelty-Free skin care brand, we would never kill a shark for its liver-based Squalene. Many brands do though.

Let's get ot why Squalane Oil is called a 'dry' oil. Once you use it, you will see why. Squalane Oil absorbs into the skin very quickly and does not leave behind any oily residue. Squalane is colorless and odorless. It can be used before applying a moisturizer or added to a moisturizer for maximum effect.

Only a few drops are needed per use. Simply rub the oil into the skin and allow to absorb. Our Squalane Oil is available in a 2 fl oz size, which is twice the amount as most competing brands, offering the oil at half the price.

You can purchase the oil at any of our retail partners, or here on our website at:

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