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When Disclosure is a Gimmick


When Russell Organics set off to compete in the beauty market, little did we know how much the market is about gimmick marketing. Our view of transparency to consumers is obviously not shared by competing brands.

Two issues would highlight the unethical gimmicks commonly used by beauty brands; ingredient transparency and animal testing.

Ingredient transparency is at the heart of what consumers are concerned about. Unfortunately, it is allowable in the beauty market to use words such as parfum, perfume, and fragrance as an ingredient. The official line is that it is allowed to protect the Intellectual Property (IP) of a brand. However, what is not discussed is that a perfume can contain any of hundreds of chemicals, many which are toxic. And since it is protected within the IP allowance, it never has to be disclosed to the consumer. For example, many consumers avoid Parabens in their beauty products, but Parabens could be used in a Perfume, and never disclosed.

Animal testing is widely banned globally, except for in China. If a brand wants to enter the China market and sell its products in-store, it must register as a domestic brand, and part of that process is laboratory testing on animals. If a brand is sold in a retail store in China, it has conducted animal testing. Some brands make the claim that they have not tested on animals directly, but the truth is they use a 3rd party to do the testing for them. The simple way to determine the truth is if the product is on a retail shelf in China, that product went through animal testing. 

Russell Organics is a leading indie beauty brand offering prestige natural skin care products. We strive for and embrace ethical manufacturing of our products, transparency for our consumers, and eco-friendly solutions.

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