Russell Organics is the pioneer in the Clean Beauty movement.

Transparency Matters to Consumers


As a globally traded range of prestige natural beauty products, Russell Organics sits alongside any of a thousand different brands in various retail outlets around the world. It is always interesting to see the variations in what brand owners consider to be in the best-interest for consumers.

Our view is quite different than the majority of brands in the market.

"We believe that you have the right to know what is in our products. Every single ingredient is disclosed for every product that carries the Russell Organics logo. Unlike other brands, we have nothing to hide."

So many toxic chemicals are hidden inside of beauty products without full disclosure.

Think about it. If you see the word 'fragrance' or 'perfume' on the ingredient listing of a product, exactly what is that ingredient? Did you know that a 'perfume' can have any of over a thousand natural or synthetic ingredients, many of which are toxic, and it would never have to be disclosed? The same for ingredients such as 'fragrance', 'blend', 'complex', or any other trademarked made-up name. Doesn't that concern you?

We are aware of a competing brand that sells a 'Rosewater Cleanser' at several global retailer chains. They claim the Rosewater product has no preservative. This is not possible. It is either reckless to offer a product that is not sufficiently preserved, or it is deceitful to hide the disclosure of a preservative within another ingredient. It turns out that by buying a ready-made Rosewater from elsewhere, where a preservative is rightfully added, this brand is either looking the other way, or choosing to deceive consumers. The main issue we have is for the safety of consumers who worry about what chemicals are lurking in their beauty products. In this case, they are not being told the truth. A secondary concern we have is the liability created for the retailers, who are now caught in the unenviable position of selling products that are incorrectly labeled. And finally, it hurts the entire beauty eco-system when a brand crosses the line of trust that consumers place in their relationships with beauty brands.

If you are buying a formulated product, such as a cleanser, it must have a water-phase, and oil-phase, an emulsifier, and a preservative within the formulation. The laws of basic chemistry cannot be suspended by any brand in the market. We all create products the same way. It is science. How we choose ingredients and disclose those ingredients is a different matter though. Just because a brand doesn't fully list their ingredients, or rather chooses to focus on a few featured ingredients, doe snot mean it is toxin-free. Russell Organics lists every ingredient in every product.

Think about this, how many times did you come across someone wearing cologne or perfume, and you suddenly started sneezing? Probably many times. This is a reaction to a chemical in the fragrance. A chemical that is not disclosed. That is an immediate and visible reaction. What about other reactions you experience that are not so immediate that occur from long-term use of products?

The next time you are browsing for beauty products, takes the time to read the ingredient list and count how many times a word is used to potentially hide ingredients. We think you will be shocked by the results.

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