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There is an epidemic of health issues around the world. Prescription drug use is at an all-time high. People are sleeping less, are more stressed out, and have gained weight. Sound familiar?

Last year was a banner year for the chemical industry. The combined group of manufacturers, made more chemicals than any other year in history. This year looks to exceed last year.

It is no surprise then that these chemicals are finding their way into our homes, our bodies, and the environment.

Russell Organics promotes living what we call "a toxin free" lifestyle. Whether it is avoiding the drinking of soda, or using toxic beauty products, it all matters.

There is a whole class of chemicals known as penetration enhancers. These chemicals exist in personal care products for one reason; many ingredients have molecules that are too large to enter the skin at a level where they would do any good, but with the use of a chemical such as Propylene Glycol, the skin will allow the molecule to enter. The problem then becomes that anything else in the product will enter as well.

Bio-accumulation is a very scary proposition. A number of toxic chemicals will enter the body but never leave. While the chemical may be approved for use in trace amounts, what happens over time is the accumulation, bit by bit, will compound over time to eventually reaching a tipping point. They used to say 'smoking one cigarette won't kill you..." maybe not, but continued use certainly poses a number of health risks.

The simple truth is that many natural botanical ingredients are super expensive. The mass market personal care market is driven only by profit. From the manufacturer to the distributor to the retailer, it is only about making a product that can be sold at low cost and be profitable. The only route is by using synthetic chemicals that mimic the performance of natural ingredients. But, only natural ingredients can offer natural benefits.

Russell Organics works very hard to source the best ingredients at the best prices. We offer true value for our many customers, highly effective products that are often priced competitively to the synthetic competitor products.

Your beauty products are the easiest products for you to make the switch from chemically laced products to naturally based products. The results are immediate and the long term benefits are tremendous.

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