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The Magic of Rosehip Oil


As any beauty enthusiast already knows, we live in a world of many choices for skin care solutions. A stroll down any aisle at Sephora will leave one's head spinning. And try scrolling through a beauty website with countless choices. We like to, from time to time, highlight a product that may get lost in the sea of choices. That way our customers will at least be aware of the product for future use.

Today we are highlighting a truly special botanical oil for skin care - Rosehip Oil. The Russell Organics Rosehip Oil is one of our top selling products for good reason. It is an organic, pure, cold-pressed Rosehip Oil priced at a 50% level below competing brands, making it one of the best values in the entire skin care market.

Let's take a look at why you should consider Rosehip Oil for your skin care. Like any natural botanical oil, Rosehip Oil is full of components that are beneficial to your complexion. Our Rosehip Oil begins its journey in Chile where the hips (seed pods) of Rose bushes are collected. These seeds are the source of the oil. Here is a great image of a rose hip pod and you can see the seeds which end up being cold-pressed.

So why should one consider Rosehip Oil for their skin care routine?

1. Rosehip Oil is rich in essential fatty acids which are very good for nourishing and moisturizing your complexion. 

2. Rich in Vitamins A + C, Rosehip Oil is excellent for anti-aging benefits, diminishing fine lines and pigmentation.

3. Rosehip Oil's astringent properties help to lighten and brighten skin tone. Only a few drops are needed to let the oil work its magic.

4. Pure Rosehip Oil has no toxins or synthetic chemicals to worry about. Most of what you put on your skin absorbs into your body. No worries at all with Rosehip Oil as it only offers beneficial properties.

Rosehip Oil is one of those products that is so easy to overlook. Yet, it is a product that every skin care expert raves about. Russell Organics has an exceptional quality oil available at an incredible value. For comparison purposes, the Russell Organics organic Rosehip Oil sells for $12 per ounce, while Trilogy sells for $44 per ounce.

Using Rosehip Oil is super easy. Simply apply a few drops onto well-cleansed skin and allow to absorb. You may also use Rosehip Oil with your daily moisturizer for an enhanced nourishment. You can purchase the Russell Organics Rosehip Oil globally through our network of distributors and retailers, or here Russell Organics Rosehip Oil

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