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Raspberry Seed Oil


Russell Organics has been a huge proponent of using botanical oils to enhance the complexions of our customers for nearly ten years. Straight-up botanical oil is a wonderful way to add nutrients to your complexion without using the fillers and wax found in formulated products. Most oils absorb rapidly and leave little if any oily residue behind. If they do, you will quickly learn the amount to apply for future use. Usually only a drop or two is necessary to see amazing results.

One of the newer botanical oils we have added to our range of products has become hugely popular in every global market we serve. Raspberry Seed Oil is a lovely oil to consider using. 

Raspberry Seed Oil, as the name suggests, is cold-pressed oil that is the result of harvesting and pressing the seeds of the Rubus Idaeus plant (Red Raspberry). We like to say this is another reason to love Raspberries. 

Raspberry Seed Oil is incredibly rich in nutrients that are important for healthy skin. Raspberry Seed Oil has the highest amount of alpha linolenic acid of any fruit seed oil. Alpha Linolenic Acid reduces inflammation. Raspberry Seed Oil also contains a compound called Ellagic Acid which is a strong anti-oxidant that fights environmental stress.

The oil is high in Phytosterols. Phytosterols limit water loss from the skin, helping to keep the skin moisturized. Phytosterols also assist in repairing cellular damage from the environment.

This beauty oil is also rich in Essential Fatty Acids, the building blocks of beautiful skin. Linoleic and Linolenic Acids are found in Raspberry Seed Oil. These EFA's are important for the health of the skin and are readily absorbed upon applying the oil to the skin.

Raspberry Seed Oil is rich in antioxidants which are ideal scavengers of free radicals that can damage the skin, and a rich source of alpha and gamma tocopherol as well as y-tocopherol, along with carotenoides (Vitamin A).

Using Raspberry Seed Oil is quite easy. We include a dropper with all of our beauty oils. Simply drop a few drops of the oil onto your finger tips and apply to your face in gentle circular upward motion. Allow the oil to absorb. If you used too much then simply wipe the excess away with a tissue. Once the oil has absorbed, you can then apply the Creme 24 for added benefit.

The see more about Raspberry Seed Oil or to purchase the oil, follow this link: 

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