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An Easy Solution to Treat Dry Winter Skin.


Winter arrives and with it comes dry, itchy skin. It doesn't matter where you live, drier air leads to drier skin. With the dryness, the skin can become more sensitive, inflamed and irritated.

Rather than suffering through the winter season, let's look at some solutions to make things much easier. Dealing with dry skin in the winter is a matter or restoring lost moisture, and locking in moisture. Whether it's your complexion, hands, or body, the solutions are similar.

Starting with the face, the fastest way to solve the issue is to apply a few drops or beauty oil such as Squalane Oil, Argan Oil, or Camellia Oil. These oils absorb quickly and do not leave behind any oily residue. This is an important first step. If you were to go straight to a typical moisturizer, you would not necessarily be adding back moisture into the skin as many moisturizers are too waxy in formulation to do that. By using the oil, you are allowing the moisture to fully penetrate into the skin. The second step once you have used the oil is to add a moisturizer. As it does have the waxy barrier, it serves to protect the skin from the harsh winter weather and to lock in the moisture to keep the complexion from drying out.

Doing this every morning will nourish and protect your skin through the day.

For your hands and body, we recommend one of our butter products such as our Butter Me Up Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, or Mango Butter products. They are ideal for naturally moisturizing dry body skin. You can also use our Coconut Oil products for the same purpose. Simply apply a small amount after a shower gently rubbing into the skin. Allow the butter or oil to absorb into the skin, and enjoy the difference.

To maximize your use of these types of products, most of the oils and butters can be used for hair care as well. Since they are free from harmful chemical toxins, there is no need to worry about using them to treat split-ends, treat dry scalp, or to add sheen and lustre to the hair.

We would love to hear about how you use Russell Organics products to combat winter weather. Thank you for your support of our brand.

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